LikesXL International

Please watch the training videos in turn to get you off to a fast start. 
1. Introduction to LikesXL, BidsLXL and 888LXL

2. How To Register a New Account
3. How To Verify Your Account

4. How To Top-Up Your Account


5. How To Buy Bid Packs


6. Transfer Funds from Available Account to Top-up Account

7. How to Activate the Auto-Rebuy Feature / Comound Your Earnings

8. Explanation of the 12 Level Compensation Plan

9. Explanation of the Leadership Bonus System
10. How to Buy a Downline Upgrade

11. How To Send Funds To Other Accounts Using the Voucher System

12. How to Find your Referral Link


13. How to Use BidsLXL To Win Products

If you have not yet joined LikesXL you can simply get back to the person who shared this page with you for their link so they can get you off to a quick start...